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Welcome to the world of Success IAS Study Circle

We are happy that you are aspiring to sit for the country's top most competition-All india Civil Services Examination.Our best wishes to you for that.

The world is becoming increasingly competitive in various spheres of life.This is all the more true regarding the choice of careers.There has been a sea-change over the years now that the constant grasp of the ever-changing spectrum of carrer choice and adjustment becomes a must for any meaningful achievement.

Achievement in life, in the simplest analysis, encompasses the pinpointing of one's aims in life and increasing means to achieve that in a planned and methodical manner.Nothing is unachievable if proper efforts are put in by resorting to proper management techniques like proper management of time at one's disposal, mustering of resources,developing proper attitude and perseverance.Casualness is always harmful and unproductive.At this stage of life ,time is the most important component ,It's not the quantum of time but it's proper management that matters.For acquiring "General Awareness" as desired by the U.P.S.C., a candidate has to have a multidisciplinary integrated apporach,for Civil Services Examination is for selecting candidates for the highest services of the land.

Since you have made your carrer choice, we are sure you are fully aware of the above and determined also to achieve your goal.We, here ,at this circle are fully aware of our duties and resposibilities and keep ourselves abreast of the latest for delivering you the best so far.We have no pretensions to perfections and we firmly believe that we have to be in the process of growth to be able to inculcate the best at our command in our aspirants to the coveted services.

We back our efforts in this regards by engaging the top most resource personnel from the Army, the Police Services and educationalist of standing with life-long teching experience in their subjects of study.We also arrange extension lectures to covers topics of national and international importance.